Google Search Now Includes Personal Results

As Mashable said in a post earlier today, "Now we know Google’s master-plan for integrating Google+ ever more deeply into the Google ecosystem: Pour the whole thing into Google search." We've long been hearing and espousing ourselves the importance of a user's social graph.  Now Google is directly infusing the social graph (specifically the one found in Google+) … Continue reading Google Search Now Includes Personal Results

Giving Up On Google+

As I write this, I am mulling over my Google+ home page. Is it called a "home page?" To be honest,  I'm not sure. Despite my initial attempts to submerge myself into this new social network, today I find myself forgetting all about it. Google+ is not something I think to check, not a place … Continue reading Giving Up On Google+

Google+ Hangouts and Higher Ed

What will Google's social network mean for higher education? If there is any component of Google+ with implications for higher ed, I'm convinced it's Hangouts. Google's blog explains Hangouts as "on-screen gatherings [that are] fun, fluid and serendipitous... By combining the casual meetup with live multi-person video, Hangouts lets you stop by when you're free, … Continue reading Google+ Hangouts and Higher Ed