Online Web Support Documentation

As more institutions put their web user support materials online, the list of great examples will grow. Here, an ongoing collection of resources. Web Help Videos Cornell University, CALS Drupal Documentation Cornell University, ILR School Support for Drupal and Web Content Editing Dartmouth College CMS Training Elizabethtown College CMS Training and Support New York University Web Development … Continue reading Online Web Support Documentation

Data-Driven Social Media Strategy (Part 3): Content & Messaging

For those of you just tuning in, I am in the process of formalizing my university's social media strategy following a five-step process: goal-setting; choosing social media channels; content and messaging; evaluation; and adaptation. I've explained that we’re going to grow and nurture our connection with online communities, and by which channels. Now the hard(er) part. How … Continue reading Data-Driven Social Media Strategy (Part 3): Content & Messaging