A #strategycar for the people

This week I had the privilege of speaking at the HighEdWeb Annual Conference in Milwaukee, and the even bigger privilege of talking with some of the smartest people in higher ed–or, rather, just about anywhere. As I return to real life and attempt to process what I heard and learned, I keep coming back to a recurring topic of conversation: #strategycar.

Here’s the thing: I feel like I’ve been a broken record about my hopes and dreams for the Little Hashtag That Could. “The #strategycar belongs to everyone in the community,” I say. “The #strategycar works best when everyone takes a turn,” I say. But it wasn’t until I talked through this very thing with a few folks at HighEdWeb that I realized I may not be getting through. For most people, #strategycar is probably just a weekly Twitter chat, not a thing whose future and meaning and potential is contemplated.

What’s the future of #strategycar? I think the question should actually be, “Who is the future of #strategycar?” And the answer is “You.”

You are the future of #strategycar.

When #strategycar grows up, I hope that it will be a tool for the entire community, called on whenever a need for discussion comes up. Maybe an article was published during the week that everyone is riled up about. Maybe someone is having a conflict at work they need help working through. Maybe the group can rally together to offer support, research, statistics, advice, or encouragement.

At its core, #strategycar was always meant to be available for whoever needs it, whenever it’s needed. It was meant to be a place for the community to react in real time to important opportunities or challenges.

I learned this week that some of you are finding value in our Friday get-togethers. Especially now, as I complete my Higher Ed Farewell Tour, I want to make sure the value isn’t lost, for as long as there’s an opportunity there to support this community.

I need your help. I’m looking for a few #strategycar friends to help drive this thing long-term. If you have ideas or effort to lend, let’s talk about how we can do this thing together.

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