Posts by Others (or: Timeline for Pages is Still Hard)

Back in March, I wrote a post called “Facebook Timeline for Pages: Why is this so hard?” To date, the post has been viewed 9,160 times, and continues to be the most-read post on my blog every single day. This tells me two things: 1. I was not alone in my frustration; and 2. People still think Timeline is hard.

Most of the issues I originally complained about seem to have resolved themselves. Milestones no longer (as far as I know) inexplicably disappear. I’ve gotten used to the notification process and Admin Panel. Are others still having trouble? In reviewing the search terms used to find my post in recent days, a common theme is apparent.

“I wrote something on a timeline page and it won’t show up.”

“When I post on a page it’s not visible to others.”

“Posts not showing up on timeline.”

There it is. While many of us have come to accept the fact that posts from our communities are relatively buried on our Facebook Page Timelines, the sad truth remains. I lamented about this very point back in March: “Posts by Others that are marked to be ‘Highlighted on Page’ are not highlighted in the default view of Timeline. In order to see these posts, users need to switch their view from ‘Highlights’ to ‘Posts by Others.’ Is anyone going to take that extra step?”

If the Facebook Pages I admin or the searches that lead people to my blog are any indication, it’s probably safe to say that users are not taking that extra step. Here are a few ways I’ve worked to bridge the gap and connect users with each other.

Repost questions with links to original posts, and solicit responses

This summer, a newly accepted student posted on my university’s Facebook Page, “Hii! =) I Got accepted here yaay.” When the conversation moved to questions about scholarship opportunities and weather in Michigan, I posted a link to the university Page and said, “[Student] is from Washington D.C. and has just been accepted to UM-Flint. She’s wondering what it’s like in Michigan and on campus. Can you help us answer her question?” The result was a fantastic string of supportive responses. And the student concluded with, “Awww I was kind of nervous…at first but not anymore. I’m really excited I’m an incoming freshman.”

Share users’ content

The highest level of interaction my university’s Page ever saw was the day I shared someone’s photo of a double-rainbow over campus. I credited the photo and thanked the sender. The photo received 289 likes, 37 shares, and 23 comments. The next day someone else posted a photo of the same double-rainbow. Yes, audience, you can share your photos!

Remind users that they can join the community conversation by checking out the “Posts by Others” view.

More than once I’ve posted things like, “Still finding your way around the new Timeline? Here’s how to find what people are talking about.” Or, “Did you know you can find what other people are saying about UM-Flint?” These aren’t exact quotes, but you get the point. Each time one of these posts went out, I received a handful of responses from people who were surprised and glad to have the information. If you tell them about the “Posts by Others” tab, they will come… or something.

Have you tried any of these tactics? Have they worked for you? Have you seen other great examples? Are you having an entirely separate issue with Facebook Timeline? Please share your experience in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Posts by Others (or: Timeline for Pages is Still Hard)

  1. I don’t even receive some ‘Posts by others’ – though they show up on that person’s site as having been posted on my community page’s timeline. So they can’t be shared because I don’t even know they are there. Yet they have been declared to be ‘public’ when posted.

    A Facebook ‘Help’ page says: ‘Posts about a Page respect the privacy settings of the people who create them. Page admins won’t see posts about their Page that people haven’t shared publicly even though people visiting the Page might see them if they’re part of the audience the post was shared with. Pages themselves are public spaces, and posts added to a Page’s timeline will be visible publicly and are eligible to appear in the Recent Posts by Others box.’

    Does this mean these (to me) invisible posts are imagined by the system to be ‘ABOUT my page’? We (the senders and I) can’t find any privacy settings that would unlock these posts and make them visible to the community.

    Hardly a ‘community page’ I’ve created then!

  2. My biggest problem is trying to share content from my highly specific personal newsfeed, which generally is the sort of stuff I created my community page to share. I would ideally like to; First, share content from my personal wall to my community page; Second, take that and then post it under the moniker of the community page so that it shows up in others’ newsfeeds.

    For some reason, I can’t share as my page from my wall, and if I share as my self, those posts are not visible once I switch to my community page!

    I’m frustrated! I just want to share information!

    if anyone has a work around, please e-mail me.

    1. I’m having the same problem and can’t find any answers. Have you found any answers on this matter as of lately?

  3. The “posts by others” seems to be random as to what is linked or appears there. Pages are posting with my page name and it never shows up in my “posts by others”. It seems that it works for some Pages but not others. I cannot find a reason for this and have spoken to the administrators of those other pages. One page’s posts NEVER appears on other Pages, even though the link appears to be working. They have written to facebook often (as have I) and there has not been a response nor has it been fixed. It is definitely a known problem/bug as it occurs throughout the facebook pages.

    My other question is how to get photos tagged with my Page name to appear on my timeline. It seems that facebook won’t allow this. True?

  4. Hey all, I think I may have partially solved a similar issue. I run a page and have been having this issue – I can access posts via notifications, but they do not appear anywhere, not even in Posts by Others. Here’s how I got them back –

    Go to Edit Page, Use Activity Log. Once there, go to Spam. I found all of our timeline posts by others in here. Click the little icon in the top right of each and set to Default: Allowed on Page.

    At this point, they still weren’t appearing. I then went into my timeline’s notifications (via the feed at the top of the timeline – ‘See All’ link). Select one of the missing posts by clicking the time stamp at the far right of the record.

    Click the down arrow in the top right, then Mark as Spam. Then, undo this action in the little Undo or Ban dialogue that appears.

    That post should now be visible in the Posts by Others section of your timeline.

    Holy cow, that’s convoluted!

  5. A question here, if anyone can help.

    As my own Facebook Page (Etui Trove), I shared a link on a Page (Pipit) that I’ve liked. My post appeared in Pipit’s Page for 1 day but without my Etui Trove profile picture and name. The next day, it disappeared. The Pipit admin told me that they’ve never seen my post. Was my post auto-deleted as spam?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask. I haven’t received any response from Facebook Support and I was concerned if I was doing something wrong.

    1. It’s hard to know for sure what happened, but it sounds like Facebook may have marked it as spam automatically. If the admin of the Pipit page checks the activity log, it may show up there to be marked as not-spam.

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