Who’s Managing Your Company’s LinkedIn Page?

Do you know who’s managing your Company Page on LinkedIn?

Only recently have I become involved with LinkedIn on my campus and—I must admit—I still have a lot to learn about its potential for my university. My newest discovery: Company Pages exist as “a company’s profile of record on LinkedIn.” Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon my university’s Company Page yesterday. Who had created it? Where did the information come from? How could I edit it? I quickly realized two things:

1. By default, every LinkedIn user with a company email address had Admin rights to the Page.

2. It only took one click to exclude all other users as Admins.

These revelations were shocking and slightly horrifying to me. If I had never found this Page, who knows what it might have been edited to say, and by whom? I immediately adjusted the Page’s Admin settings and now I’ll sleep better at night.

Here’s how you can make sure your Company Page is being managed properly, too.

1. Find Your Company

Use the search box at the top right of your LinkedIn screen to find your Company Page. You can also find a link to your Page on any user’s profile who has connected to the company. For example, an alumnus or employee.

2. Check the Admin Settings

Once you’ve located and arrived at your Company Page, look for a button labeled “Admin tools” at the top right of your screen.

Select the “Edit” option.

(If you don’t see this button, someone else may have already deemed herself the sole Admin of your Company Page. To address this matter, contact LinkedIn directly.)

Now you should see the settings for your Company Page.

3. Manage Admins

By default, a Company Page is set so that “all employees with a valid email registered to the company domain” can serve as an administrator. This means that any of these people can edit the company information, see the Page analytics, etc. If this is not your preference, you can change this setting to “designated users only.”

Once you’ve updated your settings, you can manage who has Admin rights. You can add yourself to the Admin list as well as any of your first-level LinkedIn connections. (Update: As Davina points out in the comments below, adding yourself as an Admin is very important!)

4. Go Forth and Manage!

You should now be set to manage your company’s official LinkedIn Page. Exciting, right? Take a look around and get comfortable. And if you run across any additional notes for the LinkedIn newbies like me, please share them here so that we can all benefit from our collective trial and error.

31 thoughts on “Who’s Managing Your Company’s LinkedIn Page?

  1. Great post! I especially want to highlight your point about adding YOURSELF as a page admin. Just because you close off the rights and grant others permission to serve as page admins doesn’t mean that you will automatically be included as an admin too. (I had to learn this the hard way last year and ask one of the admins to add me as one–a tad embarrassing!)

  2. Good question, John! I’m still learning the ins and outs of LinkedIn myself, so I may be wrong here… but I don’t think there’s a way to do that. I’ve been trying to find a way to post things to our alumni group as our company (or just not as myself, really) and haven’t had any luck.

    Your friend should be able to ad you as an admin to her company page, though. Then you’ll be able to do anything to the page that she can do.

    1. Alaina, thank you for this post. We are trying to be an admin for a company much like John is asking about. But represent them on their behalf when talking in groups. I have an admin email that they created for us, but can’t seem to figure out how to speak on their behalf.

  3. Hi there, I changed the settings on my company’s linked in profile but unfortunately I forgot to add myself (can’t believe I did this!). How can I get added as an admin? Will the other admins be able to add me? Thank you for the article-very interesting!

    1. Oh no! Don’t beat yourself up too much. I almost did the same thing. I think they really ought to put a note on the page to remind people to add themselves as admins.

      If you have other designated admins, I believe they can add you as an admin. They just need to go to the same section where you added them originally. Good luck!

    1. Oh no! If you can’t get into the admin section and can’t find the person with current admin rights, you might have to contact LinkedIn directly.

  4. Great information and Alaina Wiens…
    I have a question regarding linkedin comapny page.
    Can I edit or control that who will appear in “Insight” as who RECENT DEPARTURES?

  5. hi alaina,
    I am working in a company before me some of the guys maintained our company page but seriously dont knw whose dat…is that possible to find who is the admin

    1. I can’t find any way to identify a page admin. The only suggestions I have are to contact LinkedIn and ask for help, or to “send a message” to the company and see if the previous admin receives it. Perhaps if you send a request for that person to contact you, you’ll hear something? Good luck!

  6. Thanks for the information! I am just beginning a social media campaign at the Career College I work at, and am wondering if you have any suggestions you’d like to share?

  7. Very helpful post. Thank you. I was getting posts from people asking to update the page at our institution and I had NO idea how I was an admin. It seems like one small thing has changed: there no longer appears to be a “manage admins” option, at least I could not find it or find it in the help section. Perhaps now when someone adds or deletes an admin for the first time it assumes the page is “owned”?

  8. Just an FYI, I “claimed” my company’s LinkedIn page a couple of years ago, even though we had no plans to really do anything with it at the time. I updated the logo and cleaned it up and then left it.

    Just this week we were talking about using LinkedIn more, so I logged in to poke around and get familiar with it. I discovered that at some point I was removed as an admin and three other people are listed for my company–one full-time employee, one part-time employee, and one former employee. The only think LinkedIn will tell me is that if I want to be an admin, I have to get one of these people to add me.

    I’ll obviously be exploring that, but I just wanted to give people a heads up that they should double check admin rights if they haven’t been to their company page in awhile.

  9. Thanks for the info Alaina, I have my company page followed but when I open it, I don’t see any Admin or Edit buttons….

    1. Are you currently an administrator on the page? When I wrote this post, it was before LinkedIn made some updates to company pages. I don’t see where someone who follows a page now can access the administrative options.

  10. I have just been given admin rights to our company page, but I can’t seem to find how to join or follow groups and individuals. Can I do this as an admin?

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