“Your Data-Driven Social Media Strategy”: A Web Conference Presentation

It’s not often that I can consider a new year’s resolution accomplished inside of its first week. However, I am incredibly pleased to announce that I will be presenting at the Web 2012 Conference at Penn State University this June!

After the HighEdWeb conference in October, I started reflecting and putting notes together. I realized I had been looking for a magic-bullet answer that doesn’t exist. It was this that led me to my proposal for the Web Conference at Penn State. And with the acceptance of this proposal, I can officially say that I’ll be road-tripping it to Pennsylvania this summer. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Your Data-Driven Social Media Strategy

When you work with social media, you hear a lot of talk about measurement. How do we measure our efforts? Which efforts do we measure? Which things can we assign numbers to? What do the numbers mean? What action do we take as a result of the numbers?

In some cases, numbers present themselves to us in a pretty little package like Facebook Insights. Sometimes, numbers exist without an obvious value. What does a Klout score really mean in the grand scheme of things? And then there are things that have no number assigned to them at all. After all, how is good customer service reflected in percentages or stats?

At the most basic level, the quest for social media measurement should be about finding data to inform our work and help us build better online communities. This idea of “measurement” is something that should be employed from the get-go. We cannot wait to measure or evaluate our social media business until after it’s been conducted.

In my presentation, I’ll explore ways data can inform a social media strategy: setting goals, choosing social media channels, messaging and communication, evaluation, and adaptation.

2 thoughts on ““Your Data-Driven Social Media Strategy”: A Web Conference Presentation

  1. Congrats on the upcoming gig! This sounds like a great topic, and one that is needed in higher ed. Hope you’ll be sharing your insights with those of us who won’t be able to attend!

    1. Thanks, Andy! I’m really looking forward to it. There will definitely be notes to share. In fact, right now I’m revisiting my university’s social media strategy and taking us through the steps I’ll be talking about. I’m planning to post updates along the way.

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