“Share Event” Returns to Facebook

My recent post about changes to Facebook events received quite a few comments. It seems I wasn’t the only one horrified at the prospect of losing the Share function for my Pages’ events. Today, I have to thank Matt Saunders for bringing me some good news: “All is right now with Facebook Events.”

It’s true! Check it.


6 thoughts on ““Share Event” Returns to Facebook

  1. Thanks for the post! I went to one of the pages I administer with high hopes and found that our page does not look like your example. I can still only share an event on my wall vs. directly notifying the people who have liked us. What am I doing wrong? Any help you can lend is much appreciated.

    1. Katie, are you trying to send a message to all of the people who have liked your Page? As far as I know, the old “update” option we used to have is no longer available.

  2. I’m having problems with this issue NOW (6/11/14). I have searched and searched and cannot find a way to share a friend’s event on my own FB page. Copying and pasting the link doesn’t work as it just posts the URL–how boring!

    1. At least one way to share it is to view the event where it’s posted to your newsfeed. There should be a “share” link at the bottom of the post along with the “like” and “comment” options.

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