They’re Here! Google+ Brand Pages

Whoa. It’s happened. Google+ has launched pages for brands. I share this information with you because, as with any new opportunity, it’s important to know about potential opportunities. I’m a little nervous, though, about how many brands are going to jump into Google+ with no real plan of action. To Google’s credit, I really appreciate the emphasis they’re placing on personal connection. This video captures it nicely.

Also featured in this video is the Hangout, which I once upon a time categorized as the only stand-out feature with potential for use in higher ed. I will say that my interest is piqued. I think it will take careful planning and building of communities on Google+ before Hangouts or brand pages make sense for institutions, but I’m definitely curious to see where this goes.

You can find a few more details at SimplyZesty, which is where I heard the news. There’s also good coverage on Inside AdWords. Worth noting is the ability for users to search with the plus symbol (+) to receive Google+ results. Once again, I guess we’ll see where it all goes.

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