Attn Higher Ed: Facebook Post Translation

Anyone else’s head spinning from all of these Facebook announcements? Here’s one more to pay attention to, especially if you’re managing a Page in higher ed.

From Facebook Pages:

Today we launched a new translation tool that enables people to translate posts directly inline on Facebook Pages through Bing Translate. With this service, we are making it even easier for people to enjoy Page content on Facebook regardless of the languages that they know.

When someone clicks on the translate button on a public Page post, a Bing translation will appear in a popout window. People then have the opportunity to submit their own translation by opting-in to using inline translations. After their generated translation has received enough positive votes, it will replace the Bing translation and will appear each time someone clicks on the translate button associated with the post.

Page admins can always control how their content is translated within the “Your Settings” tab in the Edit Page view.

Think of the possibilities!

If your university Page is like mine, you already have an international base of fans. Will this number now grow beyond English-speaking users? Does your international recruitment office have visits coming up? Why not combine the power of translation with the geo-targeting your posts?

If you have any ideas for how to utilize this new capability, please share! I am excited about the doors this may open up for international engagement and recruitment.

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