Facebook Introduces “Subscribe” and “View Share” Options

Today, Facebook announced a new “Subscribe” option for Profiles and Pages (the Subscribe button is explained in detail on The Facebook Blog), allowing users to better customize what they see in their Newsfeeds. Announced Facebook updates are often accompanied by minor glitches in site behavior, and/or new features that quietly sneak up on us. Some users have experienced a change in chat format. I was personally distraught when I found the Pages I admin no longer appeared in a list on the right side of my home page.

I’ve not yet seen a Subscribe button. I have, however, noticed that Page posts now include a “view shares” link. I tested this exciting new feature with one of the Pages I admin. Below, you’ll see a post on my Itty Knits Page that says “View 1 share” below it.

Itty Knits Post w/Shares

When I click “View 1 share,” I’m presented with information about the “share.” In this case, I’ve shared my own content, so this information isn’t exactly riveting. But it could be!

View 1 Share

I can only hope this means that “share” information will be added to Facebook Insights. If “shares” are being tracked, surely this will be reflected in the analytics reports (I hope, I hope, I hope). Just think of all the information we might be able to collect!

In the mean time, I’ll keep an eye out for that Subscribe button.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Introduces “Subscribe” and “View Share” Options

  1. Subscription analytics would be fantastic. Now that users no longer have to “like” a page to comment or interact (ps. I wonder how many users realize that), will they be able to subscribe to certain updates from Pages at some point?

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