@Saks Campaign Fuses Traditional and New Media

Every time I see something like a Twitter handle burrowing its way deeper into our media and culture, I get excited. It feels like validation. Yes, nay-sayers, it is (part of) my job to be on Twitter all day. But check out who else is on Twitter all day! I love, love, love this new ad campaign for Saks Fifth Avenue. You can read all about it on the Pentagram blog, but here is a very small snapshot.

And this is my favorite part.

Look at them working that Twitter plug right in there! Pentagram elaborates:

Playful messages printed inside the bags direct shoppers to the Saks website and social media like Twitter and Facebook: “@ Saks, we hear the front-row buzz. Sometimes, we share: twitter.com/saks”; “@ Saks, friends find out about events first: facebook.com/saks”; “Our blog has makeup tips used @ Saks photo shoots: sakspov.com.” “Saks.com” appears at the bottom of each bag.

An ad campaign that actually helps build community, while spanning all forms of traditional and new media. Brilliant.

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