Getting Back to Business As Usual

There are times when something new is happening non-stop in the world of social media. Those times are filled with research, collaborating, brainstorming, planning, experimenting, evaluating. It’s all very fast-paced and exciting.

And then there are the times in between.

If you’re like me–and if you work in social media, you just might be–those down times can be like quicksand. It’s so easy to feel energized when things are moving quickly. But then what? When the adrenaline fades and things are back to business-as-usual, how do we move forward?

Get Focused

After you’ve read every article you can find about  Facebook’s latest update to Pages or Twitter’s acquisition of Tweetdeck, all while watching your Twitter stream for something you may have missed and drafting a blog post about how you’ll apply what you’ve learned, it’s often difficult to go back to doing just one thing.

You. Have. To. Focus.

It’s hard. It’s so hard. Start by looking back at your pre-excitement to-do list. Where did you leave off? What were you in the middle of when you saw the first tweet about the latest and greatest in whatever-it-was? Once you identify that project or list of tasks, step away from your browser and Tweetdeck and focus. You can do it. Repeat after me: “One thing at a time.”

Get Back to Basics

When you get a glimpse of what’s new and shiny, it’s easy to lose interest in what’s old news. This is a slippery slope. Don’t forget that your “old news” was once new and exciting and fun. You started those projects for a reason, right? Those old projects are worthwhile.

Before you start playing with the fancy application you just learned about, take a look at what you’re already doing (or not doing). Have you done all you can with your Facebook Page? Is your web content up-to-date? Is there a better way to be monitoring Twitter conversation? If you’re not sure how to get back into your regular groove, start by evaluating and improving something that’s already in place.

Get Back to Work

Even when you’re feeling uninspired, you have to get back to work. If inspiration doesn’t find you, force it. Just pick a project and jump in. Once you’ve started, you’ll feel yourself getting back into the swing of things—at least until the next time there’s breaking news in the world of social media.

2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Business As Usual

  1. I love this post! I feel like in the social media world, it is so easy to get distracted and eventually forgot what you were doing in the first place. I constantly find myself drifting in my ‘comfortable’ zone when constant SM changes overwhelm me. This post has such good tips on how to really keep your goals in sight and constantly evolve with the world around you.

  2. I’m so glad you can relate, Paige! If for no other reason, I wrote this post as a guide for myself. It’s inevitable that I’ll end up back in this position sooner or later.

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