Combining the Social and the Media

I’ve mentioned that I knit baby hats. I will not bore you with the details because that is not what this blog is about. I will, however, tell you that today was my very first craft show, the 4th Annual Spring Craft Market by Flint Handmade. I had so much fun! Here is a photo of the fun.

As wonderful as it was to see people take my hats home for their little ones, I have to say that many of my favorite moments today were thanks to Facebook.

Flint Handmade has a fabulous network of vendors, and I was so honored to be selected as one of them for this year’s Spring Craft Market. In an attempt to introduce myself to the community, I connected with some of the other vendors on Facebook. My Itty Knits Facebook Page‘s likes increased as I made these connections, and I took advantage of this to familiarize a growing audience with my products. I posted photos of hats I would have at the show. I asked people for feedback about what I should make.

I hoped that I would get to meet some of the people I’d talked with on Facebook. And I did! Another new vendor, Kyla Renee, found me set up in the Brown Sugar Cafe. I met a young girl who told me, “I’ve been stalking you on Facebook!” (which is a good thing, I swear). Many times I heard, “I’ve been hoping to find you today.” And one new mom brought her brand new baby in to pick out a hat, after we talked on Facebook about her newborn photos.

One of my favorite things about Facebook is that beyond the marketing, it is still truly a social network at its core. The social part is sometimes the most rewarding.

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