Alaina Wiens

Content strategy is often about the intersections,
where seemingly disconnected ideas meet to make something new.
Something better.

Our work can always be greater than the sum of its parts.

Making Connections

As I look at my work, I’m most driven by the search for intersections that make things better. Connections between ideas, between people–for me, this is what content strategy is all about.

I love talking with people about the work I’m passionate about. My most recent conversations have been on these topics.

From Business Strategy to Content Strategy

Content strategy is good for business, but it can be challenging to sell the fundamentals of content strategy to leaders and decision-makers in our organizations. An organization’s strategic plan is a valuable resource when making a case and building a content strategy. And the strongest content strategy is strongly tied to business goals.

The Web Culture Shift

A successful web content strategy requires support from people all across an organization — people with a wide range of experience and comfort levels when it comes to web work. To get our people invested in web content and thinking strategically, we first need to change the culture and thinking surrounding “web” in our institutions.